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Compressors (Used)

Here is our list of used Compressors - scroll down the list until you find the model of compressor that interests you. Run the mouse over the thumbnail images to view a larger image. Click on the Model to view details - here you will be able to see the compressor specification and if you click on "Make Purchase Enquiry" it will add the compressor to our Contact Form automatically. We also sell " compressor accessories" for road work & mining purposes.

*Single Tool Compressor - 70cfm to 110cfm
*Two Tool Compressor - 130cfm to 155cfm
*Three Tool Compressor - 175cfm to 200cfm
*Four Tool Compressor - 250cfm to 300cfm

*Tool denotes medium/heavy pneumatic breaker or jack hammer.
Please note the number of "Air Outlets" on a compressor is not a reputable indicator of how many tools a compressor will power optimally and simultaneously - so please be careful when considering purchases from other companies who do not specialise in those products.

YearManufacturer + S.NOHoursCapacity/PressureModelPrice (GBP)Image
2008Atlas Copco 807181261913155cfm @ 100psiXAS77DD£POA
2008Atlas Copco 806976242160155cfm @ 100psiXAS77DD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605931302637290cfm @ 100psiXAS136DD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605767552062290cfm @ 100psiXAS136DD£POA
2007Atlas Copco 605983452201290cfm @ 100psiXAS136DD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606031071236390cfm @ 175psiXAHS186DD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605710836832507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605716165070507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605905854589507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 505170108227507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2007Atlas Copco 706215994539507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605784097283507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605690434266507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605784035374507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606028509295507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236CD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 5051942811424507cfm @ 175psiXAHS236MD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605716118069600cfm @ 125psiXAMS286CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 606089904052700cfm @ 175psiXAHS336CD£POA
2011Atlas Copco B01720913980719cfm @ 175psiXAHS347CD£POA
2011Atlas Copco B01718444534719cfm @ 175psiXAHS347CD£POA
2007Atlas Copco 7061659510163731cfm @ 100psiXAS356CD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 5053745110260820cfm @ 125psiXAMS376MD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 505362577937820cfm @ 125psi XAMS376MD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 605691829239885cfm @ 175psiXAHS426CD£POA
2007Atlas Copco 706311499992885cfm @ 175psiXAHS426CD£POA
2005Atlas Copco 5059957481011155cfm @ 125psiXAMS546CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 6056254133291186cfm @ 435psiXRXS566CD£POA
2006Atlas Copco 6054971739001186cfm @ 435psiXRXS566CD£POA
2007Compair Holman 7302912549130cfm @ 100psiC38£POA
2005Compair Holman 300432529260cfm @ 100psiC76£POA
2016Compair Holman NEWC760270cfm @ 100psiC76£POA
2004Compair Holman 300705888400cfm @ 125psiC110-9£POA
2004Compair Holman 900081817565cfm @ 175psiC160TS-12£POA
2005Compair Holman 1100584835740cfm @ 175psiC210TS-12£POA
2010Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 122693137270cfm @ 100psi7/20£POA
2010Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 10854759590cfm @ 100psi7/26G£POA
2010Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 10871243690cfm @ 100psi7/26E£POA
2014Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 323027926105cfm @ 100psi7/31G£POA
2009Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 319777902105cfm @ 100psi7/31E£POA
2009Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 3195912045105cfm @ 100psi7/31G£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 3217041381105cfm @ 100psi7/31G£POA
2011Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 3219492097105cfm @ 100psi7/31G£POA
2012Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 4309361332140cfm @ 100psi7/41£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 4243523100140cfm @ 100psi7/41£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5221043586260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5225042426260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5223202234260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5222162168260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 5222322584260cfm @ 100psi7/71£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 7028064145400cfm @ 200psi14/115£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 702707537400cfm @ 200psi14/115£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 6585312745425cfm @ 100psi7/120£POA
2005Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 6574024195425cfm @ 100psi7/120£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 7026442796600cfm @ 100psi7/170£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 7027342237600cfm @ 100psi7/170£POA
2007Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 7027145738600cfm @ 100psi7/170£POA
2005Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 7021615733600cfm @ 100psi7/170£POA
2008Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) 8935689337885cfm @ 175psi12/235£POA
2008Sullair 80500269803260cfm @ 100psi115K-0139£POA
2008Sullair 20811260001101341550cfm @ 75-150psiDE18 Oil Free£POA

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